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lululemon Busan Shinsegae Centum City
Centum 4-Ro Shinsegae Centum City Mall 15 48058 Busan
도시: Busan - 대한민국
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lululemon Busan Shinsegae Centum City Sportswear store

Founded in Vancouver BC in 1998, the first lululemon shared its retail space with a yoga studio. We've been growing ever since, and our technical yoga and run clothes are now available in countries all over the world. We want to elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness. Our Mission Statement is to create components for people to live longer, healthier, fun lives. We make technical athletic apparel for yoga, dancing, and most other sweaty pursuits.

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M-Th 10:30am-8pm, F-Su 10:30am-8:30pm
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